Christmas Cards 2020

This year has been a difficult one on so many fronts, thanks to Covid-19. With respect to my blog, I took a hiatus of several months. It wasn’t because I had no time to make anything, but between unemployment, the general air of uncertainty, and the lockdown of our provincial and national parks for almost 3 months, inspiration seemed a little hard to come by. Of course, once you fall off the horse, it can be a little tough to get back on it and find your rhythm again. I’m slowly getting there, and certainly making this year’s Christmas cards has been good artistic exercise.

Once they re-opened the parks in June, I cautiously found my way back out to favourite trails, and to exploring some new spots, always keeping the precautions of our new reality in mind. It has been a constant balance between finding trails that were busy enough to be safe from wildlife and other dangers, but not so busy that it was impossible to keep a safe social distance. It’s a little easier now that winter has arrived, and the trails are not so crowded.

This isn’t the full selection of this year’s cards – a few got sent off to distant family before I remembered to scan them. But every one of them brought back great memories of the places I got to explore in winter. And reminded me that I still have a lot of trails to explore yet.

If you enjoyed the artwork, some of it is now available for sale on various products on Please follow the link to see what’s available:

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you Linda, and remembering our many hikes and explorations years ago. Your artwork brings fond memories. Glad you’re keeping healthy during this pandemic. With warm regards to you & your mom.

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