This is what happens when an artist falls in love with the Canadian Rockies.

Over the years, I’ve day-tripped, picnicked, hiked, camped and snowshoed all over the mountains, from Jasper down to Waterton, and from Kananaskis out to Yoho and Kootenay, with Banff in the midst of them all. Now I mostly hike in summer, and snowshoe or snowhike in the winter, taking time to stop and enjoy great expanses of scenery, or birds and wildlife, or even tiny details of diverse plants in a shady nook. It’s all a source of wonder to me.

As an artist, I work in pencil, colored pencil, Inktense, soft pastels and occasionally in acrylic paint. My preferred subject matter is nature – landscapes, florals, bird and wildlife art have all crossed my easel and worktable.

My intent with this blog is to convey one artist’s impressions of the Canadian Rockies. While I may sometimes talk about particular trails, this is not a trail guide per se, so don’t look for GPS tracks or detailed trail directions here. But if there’s something beautiful to be seen there, I’ll be sure to show it to you.


L.M. Berry

OL Red Chair Two Jack Lake
“Red Chair: Two Jack Lake”, pastel on paper, 18 X 24″

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